millions who rely on social security should consider moving to colombia

Millions who rely on Social Security should consider moving to Colombia

According to data from the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS), 40 % of all Social Security (SS) recipients rely on SS for 100 % of their monthly income. There are over 70 million on SS so 40 % means there are 28 million people in this group. The average monthly SS for a single person is a little over $1,800; for a married couple, its over $2,500 per month. Based on the current exchange rate of 4,200, that means a single person would have about $7,560,000 Colombian pesos (COP) per month. A married couple would have over $10 million pesos. That is A LOT of money in Colombia. To put it in perspective, Colombia will award you a Retirement VISA if you can show you have about $750 per month in guaranteed income like from SS. That is much lower than most countries because Colombia is one of the lowest cost of living countries in the world. And the crazy thing is that the quality of life is fabulous. We have the best healthcare in Latin America. Super modern shopping malls. Excellent low cost transportation You can rent a really nice apartment for $500 a month or $1,000 if you want to get fancy. A meal in a really nice restaurant will cost $5 to $10 including tax and tip. Utilities and HOA are very low. It is amazing. You owe it to yourself to at least give us a call and check it out. William whatsapp. 57 304 201 3535

latest real estate innovations

Latest Real Estate Innovations

Real estate has had an uncanny way of re-inventing itself when market conditions change. It's a long list from single family homes to huge rental apartment complexes to the explosion post 2008 financial crisis to investor owned single family home rentals. From privately owned vacation homes to condos, time shares, fractional ownership, vacation clubs, etc. Even a move away from hotels to Airbnb. Today, there are a couple other mega trends worth noting for innovative developers. Larger lots (1 hectare = 2.5 acres) combined with self sustaining farms and what we might call the ¨tiny house¨ movement.

need to reduce your carbon footprint colombia offers more bang for the buck
always wanted to own your own farm or ranch colombia makes it a real possibility

Always wanted to own your own farm or ranch ? Colombia makes it a real possibility

The average cattle ranch in the US is 450 acres or 180 hectares (one hectare = 2.5 acres). Cattle ranches in Colombia can be bought for under $1,000 per acre but we suggest using $2,500 to $5,000 per acre which will get you a higher quality property. At the higher end ($5,000 per acre), you will be able to buy in a prime area with development potential and close to major cities.

attention berkshire hathaway and other major us corporations solve your carbon footprint problem

Attention Berkshire Hathaway and other major US corporations ! Solve your carbon footprint problem.

195 countries have signed onto the Paris Agreement to reduce CO2 emissions dramatically. Yet, by all reports, we are not making much progress and will fall miserably short of the 2030 goals. Colombia offers companies like Berkshire Hathaway the lowest cost, highest production solution. Our program Greener Pastures 2030 and Beyond provides companies the pathway to meeting NET ZERO commitments while still meeting your stockholder responsibilities for profitability.

how we can beat google facebook and instagram at their own game

How we can beat Google, Facebook and Instagram at their own game

We are all frustrated at the COST and TIME required to have a successful campaign on the social media giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. The reality is the statistics are pitiful how little response you get ... the clicks are 1 to 4 % if you are lucky and even fewer actually BUY. What if there was a better way to work together to get a bigger bang for the buck ?

colombia ranked no 1 choice for retirees and digital nomads

Colombia Ranked No 1 Choice for Retirees and Digital Nomads

With the high cost of living in the US and in most of the world, Colombia offers a breath of fresh air as the 4th lowest cost of living country in the world according to, the largest cost of living data base. What really sets Colombia apart though is the amazing high quality of life you get along with this incredibly low cost of living. Colombia offers all the comforts of home without the high cost. Colombia makes it super easy too with THE best lowest cost VISA programs for Retirees, Investors and Digital Nomads.

colombia farmlands offer huge upside for investors

Colombia Farmlands Offer Huge Upside for Investors

With 40 million hectares (100 million acres) of agricultural land, Colombia has the potential to be one of the major breadbaskets to the world. Unfortunately, most of the farms are in need of rehabilitation due to generations of degrading and poor farm management practices. This means that farms are cheap and with Colombia being one of the lowest costs of living in the world (No 4) and perfect year round climate and rich soils for 100 % grass fed beef, the upside for investors is huge. And now with the world in a panic to reduce global warming, Colombian farms are ideal for re-establishing Colombia as a major carbon sink.


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