May 10 the 2023

The picture in this blog post is not Colombia. It´s from Lykes Bros 337,000 acre  ranch in Florida; the largest cattle ranch in Florida. Pretty sad really. There are no trees.

Silvopastoral systems which are widely practced in Colombia, mixes trees (usually 50 to 75 per hectare), shrubs, etc with livestock which results in many important benefits.

The shade reduces heat stress making the animlas healthier. It results in higher production, more animals per hectare and lower operating costs. Combined with rotational grazing, you can increase the number of cows per hectare from an average of .7 to over 2...potentially tripling the number of animals on your ranch with the same amount of land.

It also captures and sequesters carbon quickly, economically and at high rates helping to reduce global warming.

It also protects critical water supplies and reduces erosion.

In poor countries like Colombia, rehabilitating degraded, neglected farms also creates jobs in low income rural communities.

One of the best buys on our website ( is a cattle farm located about 40 minutes from Manizales in the popular and very safe coffee zone. This 375 acre farm is priced at about $1 million USD or $2,800 per acre. The farm has a lot of production and profit upside by adding trees and rotational grazing. There are also 10 to 15 hectares (25+ acres) of gorgeous flat land at the entrance to the property with fabulous views and plenty of natural water from springs. Ideal for a small housing development or glamping.

Another great buy is about 100 acres also near Manizales in the same fast growing are of the 375 acre farm. The asking price is under $300,000 USD. The views are maybe THE best in all of Colombia. The property is gorgeous for your own private estate or you could subdivide into 1 hectare lots for weekend homes. Just selling a couple lots, you could recoup the entire investment including the cost of building a fabulous home for you and your family. Construction costs in Colombia for high end super quality are about $70 per SF so a 3,000 SF home would be about $210,000. Add that to the land purchase price, you would have a brand new home on 100 acres for about $500,000 USD  before any lot sales.


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