April 22 the 2023

This week, President Biden met with Colombia´s President Petro in the White House and called Colombia ¨the key to the hemisphre.¨ Biden sees Colombia as the Latin American leader in democracy, human rights, and economically.

Colombia has long been America´s best friend in South America. Colombia has overcome its dark past of 60 years of Civil War which ended in 2015 with the historical Peace Agreement. Now, the country is searching for ways to end its recognition as the No 1 producer of cocaine in the world. One way is to make its farms more productive for millions living in low income rural areas and choosing legal farming versus cocaine and marijuana.

Colombia Living Realty (CLR) along with its affiliate Colombia Farmland Partners (CFP) is offering a unique and innovative program (Project Greener Pastures 2030 and Beyond)  that creates multiple income sources on the cattle farms. At the same time, we create co-benefits which more than offset climate concerns with cattle farming contributing up to 14 % to global warming.


How it works:

Investors, with the assistance of CLR,  CFP,  its affiiliates and government agencies, buy degraded farmlands and precious forest and then rehabilitate them.

The cost of the land is very low (from a few hundred dollars per acre to about $5,000 per acre for farms with major residential and commercial development potential). The labor cost and the cost of planting 100´s of thousands of trees is very low. Due to perfect weather and excellent soils, the new grass and trees grow very quickly capturing and sequestering carbon at very high rates creating the opportunity to sell high quality, verified carbon credits.

McKinsey did a study and concluded ¨Scaled-up voluntary carbon markets would facilitate the mobilization of capital to the Global South (e.g. Colombia) where there is the most potential for economical nature-based emissions-reduction projects.¨ 

The Boston Consulting Group and Shell did a study and concluded ¨that demand for carbon credits could increase by a factor of 15 or more by 2030 and by a factor of up to 100 by 2050.  Overall, the market for carbon credits could be worth upward of $50 billion in 2030.¨

Our advanced farming practices include adding silvopastoral systems (mixing trees and shrubs with livestock), rotational grazing and other proven professional farm management practices with an amazing list of benefits:

1. Increases production, lowers operating costs and allows more cows per hectare dramatically increasing the farm profitability and value.

2. Captures and sequesters carbon at high rates (much higher than agricultural programs being offered in the US and worldwide).

3. Improves animal health (reduces heat stress) and reduces methane.

4. Improves habiitat for biodiversity (Colombia is the 2nd most biodiverse country in the world)

5. Protects critical water supplies and reduces erosion.

6. Creates both high paid professional jobs (real estate, environmental, farm management and vertical integration) as well as jobs, training and income for low income rural communities.

7. Creates residential development opportunities for much needed housing outside of the major metro markets.


Why Is All This So Important ?

The world is in a panic trying to figure out how to reduce global warming. We need to find low cost quick solutions that will have benefits for hundreds of years.

We need to feed 9 billion people and with increased worldwide incomes, people are demanding diets rich in proteins like beef, pork, chicken and eggs.


To learn more and get involved, contact me at:

William Schwind


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