April 26 the 2023

Back in the 1940´s, my grandfather got into the citrus business in Florida. He was a small grower. He quickly figured out that the Big Boys like Coca Cola and the major food processors controlled the lucrative fresh fruit market. They had the big volumes to negotiate with New York and other commodities markets. Small growers were at their mercy. The Big Boys would visit the small farmers and buy their entire harvests for pennies on the dollar.

He decided to form the 1st citrus cooperative in Florida which would join together 1,000´s of small growers to give them the power and infrastructure to compete with the Big Boys. He built a huge fruit packing plant outside Orlando that still stands today. It was and still is a tremendous success 80 years later.


The Big Boys in social media have done the same thing. They have divided and conquered us. They love that all of us act as tiny little companies paying their ridiculous click rates.

The Big Boys have the money to pay whatever it takes for the most searched KEY WORDS driving the prices totally out of our budgets.

For example, individual hotel owners have no chance competiing with Booking, Expedia, Marriot, Hilton, etc.

Small Brokers (inmobiliarias) have no chance competing with Fincaraiz and the other mega real estate marketers in Colombia. A few years ago, there was fincaraiz. Now, there are dozens of MLS type websites offering properties.

Companies like fincaraiz charge $500,000 COP per month just to publish 100 properties. With that huge income every month, fincaraiz can buy the top keywords controlling page one of the search.


So how do we beat these social media giants and MLS megamarketers at their own game ?

1. We join together and form our OWN megamarketer real estate platform promoting selling and renting properties in Colombia.

2. We hire a top marketing company to design wininng strategies principally on Instagram which is dominating the interest from people daily glued to their cell phones versus Google and Facebook.

3. We target international buyers seeking a high quality of life at the lowest cost in the world....like retirees, investors buying rentals for Airbnb and digital nomads with Colombia´s great new digital nomad visa, the BEST in all the world.

4. We start our own TV show like ¨House Hunters¨ which will hopefully get picked up by Home & Health channel.


For more information and to join the network, contact me at:

William Schwind


(57) 304 201 3535

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