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Buyers Broker

In Latin America, everything is different.

It’s all very secure, if you do it right, maybe even more so than in the US but you have to do it right. 

That’s where we come in.

We charge a small upfront retainer…usually about $600.  This is to make sure you are serious and to compensate us for our ¨search¨ time.

We charge a Buyer’s Broker fee of 1 to 2 % of the purchase price.

We do not participate in the seller paid commission of 3 % which is earned by our broker affiliates. We feel it is important not to take a share of this commission. Our brokers are more loyal to our buyers and more willing to promptly respond to our requests.

Colombia Living Realty representing you means:

  1. You get our 17 years experience as a Gringo buying, selling and developing in Colombia. I understand both sides.
  2. You get access to our incredible nationwide network of the top brokers, lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, visas and cedulas, tax accountants, surveyors, etc.

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