Calling Friends of Climate Control and Biodiversity

Colombia Farmland Partners (CFP) offers a highly innovative program:

Own your own farm (or participate in one of our CFP Partnerships)

Our highly experienced management team is fully responsible for all aspects of managing and operating the farm (s).

Each property has a specific operating plan implementing proven practices and technologies to increase production, improve animal health and safety; and reduce climate impact.

You are actually the owner of the farm(s).

All funds are legalized with Banco de La Republica and you have your own broker account with Alianza, one of the largest fiduciaries in Colombia.

Here is your chance to invest directly in high value farmlands and help the planet.

Jeff Bezos Pledges $171 million to Colombia

With traditional charitable giving, you give and the organization uses it for whatever its purposes are. The following year they are back asking for more. Most are not self sustaining. We certainly fully support these charities and their missions.

With our program you buy a producing farm. Working with our highly experienced team, we implement proven practices to increase production (feed more people), improve animal health and reduce the climate impact.

With our program, you  (or the partnership) actually own the land. You enjoy all the rights of ownership: Profits and appreciation in value. You can sell it at any time. As sole owner, you can also use the property for a personal residence or development.

CFP Central Andes (Coffee Zone) Fund

Beautifully Balanced $12 Million Fund including Cattle and Prime Development Land in the Fast Growing Coffee Zone



For more information, please contact :

William Schwind

57 304 201 3535

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