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Colombia Farmland

Colombia Cattle Farms For Sale

Colombia Living Realty, November 2022

Buying farmland and ranches is suddenly the next big thing.

Unlike Bitcoin and other exotic financial inventions, farmland is a real tangible asset: Land that can actually produce a nice cash flow as well as consistently appreciates. Plus the farm/ranch lifestyle can be a great retirement, 2nd home or permanent homestead option.

Billionaires, millionaires and traditional investment platforms like REIT´s and farmland crowdfunding have been buying for years. Names you know like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Ted Turner and Michael Bloomberg have accumulated hundreds of thousands of acres including valuable water rights.

Lots of big Hollywood and Music superstars have jumped on the bandwagon spending millions on fabulous ranches and farm get a ways.

In 2007, the 100 largest private landowners owned a combined 27 million acres of property. Fourteen years later, they control 42.2 million acres, according to the Land Report, the publication of private land ownership — an increase of 56 percent.

But the pace has suddenly accelerated to the point that farmland properties are surging in value even faster than the 11.2 % average return farms have been yielding for the past 22 years.

The Chicago Fed just reported that Indiana good quality farms surged 29 % in value in the last year. Farmland in the entire district which includes Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin climbed 20 % in the 3rd quarter after increasing 4 % in the 2nd quarter.

Food prices have skyrocketed. Droughts in the South (and worldwide) are drying up major rivers. Operating and transportation costs have increased dramatically with no end in sight. We are suddenly facing a crisis in diesel fuel with winter approaching.

Big time investors are buying farm and ranch lands because they know food and water scarcity is going to make these investments more profitable thus more valuable. 


Colombia represents a unique opportunity to acquire high quality farms for prices

well below the US. Operating costs are much lower too.


  • Colombia is a breadbasket using only about 40 % of its productive agricultural land...and even that land if highly underutilized due to lack of capital, equipment and technology .... meaning substantial upside to increase production.
  • Colombia is the 6th lowest cost of living country in the world so operating costs (labor, utilities, transportation, veterinary, etc) are very low.
  • Water is not a concern: Colombia has the highest rainfall in the world and has the 6th largest freshwater reserves.
  • Close to urban centers: Ease of transportation, direct from farm to consumer opportunities, vertical integration, plenty of low cost labor including excellent highly experienced college education management and residential development opportunities.
  • Absentee Ownership: You do not have to know anything about farms or be here. Colombia Farmland Partners (CFP) can arrange full turn key management of your farm(s).
  • Now is the time to buy: With the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Colombian peso close to the record high, everything in Colombia is an even bigger bargain. It is a BUYER´s Market.


Who are potential excellent buyers for Colombia Farmland ?


Individual Investors: We offer beautiful farms and ranches under $300,000 to many in the $1 to $2 million range. Most are quite large (50 to 400 acres) and are absolutely gorgeous too which means they will make a fabulous location to build a dream home. Our affiliate Moriah Constructora is a full service A & E firm to do the design/build. Most have development potential too for gated communities and single family homes on large lots.


Institutional Investors: We offer a large number of mid size to large farms throughout Colombia. Institutional investors can become major players for a relatively small investment. There are tremendous opportunities to bring US technology and equipment to Colombia to dramatically increase production including adding other revenue sources (pigs, chickens, corn, soy bean, fruits and other vegetables) to cattle farms which are severely underutilized.


Friends of Climate Control and Biodiversity: Colombia has joined  the commitments of the Paris Climate Accord. Jeff Bezos was just in Colombia and pledged $171 million to Colombia to protect its vast marine life. Colombia is the 2nd most biodiverse country in the world. Buying farmlands gives people and organizations who want to actually take a proactive role in climate control and biodiversity a real opportunity to make a difference. (see separate blog).


For more information, contact me at:

William Schwind

57 304 201 3535


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