How much would Terry Bradshaw $22.5 million Oklahoma farm cost in Colombia ?

Terry Bradshaw’s 744-acre equestrian ranch could be yours for only $22.5M…sounds like a lot of money to me.

Let’s see what basically the same farm would cost in a great location in the Central Andes near Manizales, the safest and most beautiful city in Colombia.

Oh and by the way, our sister company Colombia Farmland Partners provides complete turn key farm management. We are currently managing 17,500 acres with about 7,000 head. We are one of the biggest and most advanced farm management companies in Colombia.

Here are a few pictures….nice !

House Specs:

Main house is 8,600 SF = 800 m2

There is a huge pool with 1,000 SF outdoor patio, sauna, bar, fireplace, kitchen

The manager has a 2,600 SF house = 241 m2

Then there are 4 other buildings with a total of 100 stalls for his horses…let´s be generous and say this is another 25,000 SF or 2,300 m2.

The home is surely the best of the best in term of materials and appliances. We won’t count furniture as that is likely available for sale but not included in the price.

So here is a very conservative estimate with a high quality farm and a brand new home and other buildings just like Terry’s…for about 21 % of the cost in the USA.…and its all the best you can buy brand new !



Of course, you could do it for much less…about 1/2 of this and still have a fabulous 750 acre ranch with a huge deluxe home, pool, manager and cowboy quarters and stalls for your horses.


To be conservative, I would figure around $200,000 USD for very high end furnishings, kitchen and dining, TV´s, sound system, etc.

Here is another even lower cost spectacular option…for about $1.2 million plus furnishings.



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