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Why Colombia ?

Colombia: A Retiree´s Paradise:

Colombia has put its troubled past behind it and is now considered one of the best places in the world to visit, retire or invest.

International Living, one of the foremost experts on living outside the US, has Colombia ranked as the No 5 best country in the world to retire in it´s 2022 ranking.

The New York Times recently listed Colombia as the No. 2 Place in the World to Visit in 2018. Not one city in Colombia…the whole country !

According to and, Colombia is the 6th lowest cost of living country in the world.

About Us

Colombia Living Realty´s founder & CEO, William Gray, discovered Colombia in 2005 and left the USA to make Colombia his permanent residence. William has 17 years experience buying, selling and developing properties in Colombia including new construction. William also brings a wealth of experience from his years as a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker, CPA and Vice President of Real Estate for a Fortune 100 company.

Colombia Living Realty (CLR) brings American standards and best practices to the Colombian real estate market. CLR has partnered with the top real estate professionals in each of the major Colombian markets to offer THE best properties for sale or rent. CLR is highly selective in the properties it shows on its website but, through our broker affiliates and the highest rated developers for new projects, we offer a wide range of every type of property available in all price ranges.

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Home Prices and the Cost of Living:

Prices in the website are in Colombian Pesos (COP). It is easy to convert pesos to US dollars. Simply divide by 4,500 to be conservative. The exchange rate as of November 1, 2022 is higher (4800+) so the actual price is a little less.

For example, $750,000,000 pesos divided by 4500 = $167,000 dollars. A rent of $3,400,000 per month = $800 dollars. I use these values because they are above average quality homes or apartments. So you can live very well.

Your monthly rent generally includes the administration (HOA) fee.

CLR and its affiliates (Century 21 and others) offer beautiful new apartments for as little as $100,000. We have 1,000 SF, brand new townhouses for as little as $150,000. Compare that to $450,000 to $600,000 in Miami.

We have lovely new single family homes from 1,500 to 2,500 SF from $175,000 to $250,000. These are all in highly secure, gated communities with country club amenities which are all included for a low monthly administration (HOA) fee…generally $75 to $150 per month.

The cost of living in Colombia is very low. You can live very comfortably on just your Social Security. Your monthly expenses for all utilities (electricity, gas, water) including high speed internet, cable TV and a land line will cost $200 to $250 depending on where you live and the size of your home.

The food in Colombia is high quality and healthier than in the US. Everything is very fresh with little or no chemicals. We have big box stores very similar to the ones in the US like Costco, Publix or Kroger. Jumbo and Price Smart are like Costco. Carulla is like Publix or Kroger. Home Center is like Home Depot. Mercaldas in Manizales is very nice and there are many neighborhood grocery stores and discount grocery stores. There are also street vendors everywhere selling fresh fruits and vegetables that came from the farm that morning ! The beef, chicken and pork are outstanding and so cheap. 

Restaurants, pastry and coffee cafes are also very good and super cheap. There are many high quality fancy restaurants where you can get a great meal for $8 to $10 per person or really go all out for $15 per person.

There are zillions of Colombia ¨typica¨type restaurants for as little as $3 or $4 per person. We have very fancy new shopping malls with large food courts offering every cuisine you can think of  – Chinese, Japanese, Sushi, Typical Colombia and of course American favorites like hamburgers & french fries, hot dogs, pizza and great fried chicken.

So Why Colombia ?

The driving force behind William´s decision to move to Colombia was the extraordinary high quality of life at an almost unbelievably low cost. William chose Manizales, Colombia due to its beauty, safety, culture and friendliness of its residents. In retrospect, it was a great decision but William has travelled extensively throughout Colombia and has fallen in love with many other places.

Manizales is in the ¨coffee zone¨ which also includes Pereira and Armenia both of which have international airports with daily direct flights to the USA. Manizales is at an elevation of 7,500 feet. Temperatures during the day are generally in the mid 70´s and drop down into the low 60´s at night. Pereira and Armenia are both at lower elevations and have climates very similar to Florida. Property prices and the cost of living in the ¨coffee zone¨ are significantly below those in major cities like Medellin, Bogota or Cartagena. About 15 minutes down the mountain from Manizales is a wonderful area referred to as San Bernardo del Viento which has 3 very high end gated communities. Further another 30 minutes is a beautiful weekend resort area called Santagueda where many residents of Manizales have vacation homes or small farms called ¨fincas.¨.

Depending on your budget, you can buy a nice house, town house or apartment (condo) in Manizales and also have a weekend home in Santagueda. You can also have a working, self-sufficient farm in this area.

Cartagena is a magical city with a mix of new, ultra modern oceanfront condos and its 400 year old ¨Walled City¨ which is very much like being in Europe with its narrow cobblestone streets. There are hundreds of great restaurants, bars and shops.

Medellin is called ¨The City of Eternal Spring¨ for its year-round perfect climate. Medellin is a very modern, dynamic city with amazing shopping centers and great restaurants. Medellin is home to many of the largest companies in Colombia and is a mecca for international patients seeking high quality, low cost healthcare. Medellin has an international airport in Rio Negro which is about 30 minutes from Medellin with the new tunnel.

Bogota is one of the largest cities in South America with nearly 10 million inhabitants. Its a major international business center with major hotel chains like Four Seasons, Marriott, Hilton and many others as well as the best hospitals in Latin America. Bogota boasts a fabulous new international airport with flights world-wide – it´s one of the busiest airports in Latin America.

Moving to Colombia:

Colombia has very attractive laws for people wanting to retire or invest. CLR offers a comprehensive relocation package to assist in obtaining your resident VISA and cedula (Colombian ID) to so that you open bank accounts, obtain a driver´s license, transact business and obtain health insurance.

Health insurance in Colombia is very inexpensive (about $30 per person per month). You can also buy private insurance which provides VIP care for about $75 per month.

We strongly suggest that when you move to Colombia you get involved with the community. There are many ways to do this.

 – Your gated community or apartment complex will likely have a social center with gym, pool and other amenities to meet people.

 – We suggest going to a Spanish language school – they may even ask you to be a full or part time teacher.

 – There are Ex-Pat groups in all the major cities.

 – Join a Gym or take Dancing or Yoga classes.

 – Volunteer at a charitable foundation, private school or college or the hospital.

To learn more and arrange a tour of properties, contact us at:

William Schwind

Cell / Whatsapp: (57) 304 201 3535


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